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Isle + Oak Photography is a Vancouver based wedding, engagement and family photography team servicing Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the surrounding areas of the Pacific Northwest. Isle + Oak specializes in authentically documenting the madly in love through a candid and documentary approach..

We found each other in 2007 and quickly developed what we would consider today to be an unbreakable friendship.  We share a love for life, photography, living on the west coast and of course craft beer.  Our decade together as friends has taken us on an adventure that in one way or another lead us to the incredible world of weddings.  We began our journey in wedding photography together exclusively as a team in 2014 and we have never looked back.  To put it simple, we were put on this earth to work with people, to document their story and to celebrate their love.  The opportunity to play a role in what can be called the most important and intimate day of our clients’ lives has been the most rewarding element of our job.  In 2016 we launched Isle + Oak.

Isle + Oak is a representation of everything we love about photography and living in the Pacific North West.  We strive to create work that is warm, authentic and encapsulates the bond shared between our couples and the breathtaking scenery we are fortunate to call our home in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  For us, the little moments are the most significant. It’s never our goal to create a dramatic scene, but rather to document the real moments that are shared between real people. It’s not about only following tradition or following the rules, it’s about celebrating a day that in every way is a representation of you and your life together as a couple.  We believe in throwing away structure and instead seeking moments that are often over shadowed and passed by.  We believe that saying ‘I do’ by the water as the sun begins to set is the most beautiful thing in the world.  We believe that all exploring should be done off the beaten path.  We believe that golden hour is the best hour and that the undervalued quiet moments are arguably the most unforgettable. We document love, emotion and originality in every form.   We want to tell your story authentically.

If you love life, adventure and being yourself we may be the perfect fit to represent your day. Join us for a cup of coffee (or perhaps a cold beer, let’s not forget that) and let’s have a chat about the incredible day you’re planning, and how we can help document your story.

Chris + Sam



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The things Chris loves: his adorable pug Chester (and making #fitpug a thing), a cup of coffee (or three) in the morning, and a decent gin and tonic (preferably Hendricks, our creative juice of choice). Thankfully he also likes beer, so he will be very supportive as I make my way through school to become a brewmaster. He also has an impeccable sense of style and always looks on point. Especially his amazing sock game, he will always wear his most fancy socks for your wedding.

Chris loves to travel, the more tropical the better so he can get under the waves and start scuba diving. I managed to convince him to visit me in Scotland, and then made him drive stick shift on the opposite side of the road, which he handled like a champ! He is always ready for an adventure, especially when it means checking out an amazing venue for an upcoming wedding. And he will immediately jump on a plane, camera at the ready if (and when) we get a destination wedding for Iceland, it is at the top of our bucket list. We always have such an amazing time shooting together, whether it’s a wedding, engagement or family session, and have a lot of fun while we do it!

His photography style has grown over the years and matured into an impeccable ability to capture moments in time, our specialty at Isle + Oak.  He doesn’t believe in over processing his images, but instead focuses on capturing candid memories with his personal artistic flare.  

Chris is the sweetest person and the most caring friend one could ever ask for. I know that no matter what I do he will always have my back, as well as have that ever-ready advice for me whatever the situation. He is also a wonderful uncle and you will most likely hear the latest anecdote about his niece when meeting with us.  

I am so blessed to have him in my life and to call him a best friend. I couldn’t have asked for more in a business partner.


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A few things you should know about Sam.  She is genuinely sweet – a rare quality to find these days.  She has the hair of a super model (no joke).  She bakes the best banana bread in the world and has mastered a hummus recipe that would stop a war.  She sees the good in everyone.  She brews beer (No, you didn’t read that wrong and yes, she will absolutely bring you a sample).  She is quiet at first but once she opens up she is as expressive as she is kind.  She has mastered the art of wearing black (and on a wild day dark grey).  Overall, she is hands down one of the greatest human beings I have ever met.  Without a doubt she will change your life for the better if you let her.  She has certainly changed mine.

Sam has been following her passion for photography for some many years.  Her taste for editorial fashion images sprouted her love for the craft and has since evolved into her seamless ability to capture candid moments in time.  No two images are the same with Sam.  She has an impeccable eye for the small details and mastered the art of making them significant.   She views each new frame as an opportunity to capture a new memory.   Combine her brilliant photo skills with her kind nature, open personality and genuine soul, this girl right here is truly like no one else.

Above all Sam is truly a tremendous person.  Spending only 5 minutes with her will show you that she was put on this earth to make people smile.

Want to get a sense as to what your day will look like with us?  Make sure to check out our galleries and of course the blog.  Each and every  session has a home on the blog and we would love for you to go take a look!  


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