How long do you suggest for photo time?  This definitely varies day to day; however, for structured bridal party photographs and bride/groom photographs we suggest allocating a couple of hours.  Additional time will be required for family photos and travel time between locations.  More is always better!

Can you help with managing my wedding day timeline?  Absolutely!  The day of timeline is critical and we are happy to lend a hand where we can.

Why a first look?  Planning a 'first look' before your ceremony is 100% preference.  From a timeline perspective, doing a first look often means we can accomplish more earlier in the day which results in you being able to spend more time with your guests afterwards.  Selfishly, the opportunity document the first time you see one another in a private setting is something we always cherish.  We love them!

Do you allot time for family photos?  Of course!  We believe that structured family photos are critical on wedding day and we always ensure that enough time is allotted in your schedule to capture them all!  We always make sure to work with you to create a list of 'must have' family photos!

Do you offer wedding albums?  We sure do!  We are fortunate to work with a couple of amazing companies that allow us to create truly unique albums that are designed to last.  We have packages that include albums and are happy to add them on to any package you select.  They are 100% customizable and are honestly worth the investment!

Do you have any special packages for elopements?   Of course, we love documenting elopements!  If you fill out a contact form please make sure to include that you are interested in seeing some information on how we approach photographing elopements! 




Why are engagement sessions important?  We consider them extremely important and also a great deal of fun!  Consider the session a practice round to your big day.  If you haven't had the opportunity to work with a professional photographer before, the engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get any jitters out of the way and feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Selfishly, it also means we get to spend more time with you, which is something that we are always excited about.  Let us plan an adventure which will of course include a beer or two!

What should we wear?  We think the phrase 'casually perfect' is the best way to describe it!  Its not everyday you take your engagement photos so looking a little extra special is always encouraged, but remember wedding day will be very formal so the engagement session doesn't need to be a black tie affair.     

Where should we take engagement photos?  We always suggest selecting a location that means something to you as a couple or places that really represent the beauty of BC.  We love being outdoors and are happy to suggest some areas that we have explored in the past that are so beautiful your jaw may just very well hit the floor.  Let's hop in the car and escape to the mountains - we will bring the growler!

How long are engagement sessions?  We always block off an entire day!  We wont need to shoot for the whole day, but this gives us the flexibility to take advantage of the best light and work with whatever Mother Nature has in store for us that day.  We will always encourage shooting in the later half of the day so that we can catch the beautiful sun setting.  Golden hour for the win!


How long does processing take?  On average Complete turn around for all engagement sessions and wedding collections takes approximately 8 - 12 weeks.  A comprehensive sneak peek will be generated around the half way point for all weddings.  Exact timing for final collection will vary; however, this relates primarily to how far into wedding season we are at the time of shooting.  Don't worry though, we will make sure you receive plenty of social media sneaks to keep you going along the way!

Do we get two photographers?  Yes!  Every booking comes with both Chris and Sam.  You couldn't pull us apart if you tried!

What are your payment options?  We happily accept payment in the form cash, e-transfer or cheque.  Whichever method is most convenient for you works perfectly for us!  We collect a deposit at the time of signing your coverage agreement and the remainder balance anytime up to and including the date of your wedding.

What size digital files will I receive?  We prepare all of our work in two formats.  Firstly, you will be provided with an official Isle + Oak USB (they are pretty awesome and made of wood) which will hold all your high resolution JPEG files ready for printing, framing, album making (you name it!).  Secondly, we prepare for you a personalized and private online gallery which holds all your 'online' sized files perfect for facebooking, instagramming and showing off to your friends and family.  If you want to see a sample collection don't hesitate to ask!

Will my image be watermarked?  Absolutely not!  All images we provide to you will be free of watermarks and branding.  We only ever use a watermark for advertisement purposes and some social media

Do you travel?  We happily work all over the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island.  If you are planning a wedding on the island or in a location that will require us to have an overnight we do have a very minor flat travel fee that we apply.